Sex and Sexuality


Although sex is the one thing most of us have in common, it is also something that many people find it difficult to talk about. Counselling provides an opportunity to talk about sex without fear of judgement. We may find that not talking about sexual issues can cause us to feel frustrated, ashamed, anxious or depressed. It may cause us to avoid relationships or damage relationships that we are in.

Sexual matters in counselling may include issues such as negative emotions or experiences around sex, sexual difficulties, lack of interest in sex, sex addiction, relationship problems and sexual abuse. We may encounter sexual difficulties in our life at any age.


Counselling and psychotherapy can help gay, lesbian and transgender clients to explore their issues, many of which can present at any stage in life.

There has been much misunderstanding of homosexuality and gender re-assignment in the medical, psychiatric and psychological professions in the past. It is crucial that therapists themselves are properly trained in this field. LGBT clients should ensure that the therapist they choose is affirmative of LGBT lifestyle. It can be extremely damaging in therapy if a therapist works from a model of sexuality that is outdated or that subscribes to viewpoints that suggest sexuality can be reorientated through therapy.

I have considerable training and expertise in LGBT issues and work with clients to help them overcome any negative thoughts that they may be experiencing, as well helping them to work through the obstacles that may be hampering them from leading a happy and fulfilling life.