I aim to create a non-judgmental climate where individuals seeking help can feel accepted and supported while expressing their feelings, ideas, and emotions in safety. I also try to help my clients explore whatever lies behind those feelings and emotions. This process can enable individuals to gain new perspectives on their problems, discover inner resources, and build the strength to make meaningful choices and live a more satisfying life.

Counselling takes place in a quiet, private and calming environment and my aim is to ensure that clients feel at ease to express the thoughts, behaviours or circumstances that are troubling them.

My main aim to provide a comprehensive and skilled counselling and psychotherapy service to my clients. I am committed to the highest degree of ethical practice and care for clients and abide fully by the BACP code of ethics of which I am an accreditated member.

I am an experienced psycotherapist and have provided counselling to clients on various issues, some of which are detailed on this page. Please click on the links for more information or feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Confidentiality is a central and integral part of the counselling process and is assured to each client. I abide by the confidentiality rules contained in the BACP code of ethics.

Supervision & Training

I receive ongoing professional supervision and continuous training in counselling and psychotherapy. This ensures that the service you receive is of the highest standard.